Embodiment coaching

Be guided in therapeutic body based experiences designed to increase your awareness of the physical and emotional sensations in your body, helping you to gain understanding over your inner mechanisms. These sensorial experiences such as breathwork, movement, bodywork, sound, interactive activities, words and images help you explore your inner landscape, make a link between your body-mind-emotions, and cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling and interacting with the world.

Intimacy coaching

Cultivate body awareness as a direct way of developing new skills and increasing understanding of your sexual mechanisms, in order to work through problems and expand your intimate life. Explore conscious communication, boundaries and consent in intimate exchanges, the anatomy of pleasure, the art of giving and receiving, channelling your sexual energy, and finding out what really works for you.


Benefit from diverse techniques in therapeutic touch and energy healing, aimed at restoring balance through working directly on the body. These intuitive sessions can help develop the connection between mind-body-emotions, and are effective in restoring the nervous system, eliminating stress, and creating a sense of embodied well-being.


CHF 90 per 60 minutes for in person sessions and CHF 70 per 60 minutes for zoom calls.

For embodiment work, it’s recommended to book a session of at least 90 minutes in order to have enough time and space to go into depth and really listen to your body’s wisdom.

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