Massages and bodywork

Muscular release

Using classical massage techniques, pressure point massage, and elements of shiatsu and myofacial release, this bodywork session releases muscular tension and fully relaxes the body. Deep tissue work helps you to totally let go, whilst working with the body’s energy meridians restores a sense of balance and flow. Carried out on a massage table and using essential oils that soothe muscle tightness and encourage relaxation.


Pressure point massage

Inspired by thai massage and shiatsu, this massage is carried out on a futon and in comfortable clothing, using pressure points to activate the body’s energy meridiens, which works on increasing circulation, releasing blocked muscular tension, and restauring an overall sense of balance, wellbeing and flow.

Belly massage

This purifying and revitalising massage stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow,
activates digestion and the 
elimination of toxins from the body, releases blocked emotions, and plays a part in womb healing. The belly is where a lot of our emotions are stored, and also a place on our body that is often ignored or even rejected. Belly massage is one of the most effective bodywork techniques for directly accessing and releasing trapped tension and emotions, soothing the nervous system almost instantaneously and creating a sense of deep relaxation. 

Yoga massage

This massage is for those looking for a moment of deep relaxation and self care, who also want to treat their body to the health and well-being benefits of yoga. It combines assisted yoga postures with pressure point massagewhich encourages your body to fall into the stretches, improving flexibility in a gentle yet effective way. It also includes progressive muscle relaxation, which tones and strengthens muscles as they relax. The result is an instant feeling of openness and serenity, and increased strength and flexibility over time. Carried out on a futon, in comfortable clothing.

Voice activation

How many of us were told to be quiet, to not make a noise while we were growing up? How many of us were told that we couldn’t sing well? The voice is such a powerful tool to releasing blocked emotions and relieving emotional pain in the body. With our voices we are able to give ourselves an inner massage and bring relaxation to the parts of us that are difficult to reach, to awaken and renew our energy levels, to release old trauma, and to step into a sense of empowerment that enables us to show up in the world. During this session we will explore different therapeutic breath and voice techniques that will help you activate your voice and all the benefits it can bring you.

Yoni healing and tantra for women

When working with tantra, we approach the body with a lot of gentleness, sensitivity and compassion. We take the time to meet the body where it is and provide it with a safe and nourrishing space where it can express itself and be heard. Tantric massage may be about bringing more feminine softness and sensuality into your felt experience. It may be about releasing trapped emotions through belly massage, breath work and voice activation. It may be about working directly on the pelvic region, as especially in women, this area stores a lot of physical and emotional tension and often trauma. Pelvic massage to release muscular tension, scar remediation following childbirth or a surgery, and yoni massage to treat trauma or sexual difficulties may be a part of this session.


 CHF 100 for 60 minutes and CHF 130 for 90 minutes.

(Exceptions : voice activation is CHF 60 for 60 minutes and tantra/yoni healing is CHF 200 for 120 minutes)

I offer packages for 3, 5 et 10 sessions

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