Developing mind-body connection

This approach is about :

  •  experiencing your body from the inside,
  • tuning in to its physical and emotional sensations,
  • and feeling them fully.

Why is this beneficial?

Body-mind-emotions are intricately linked, impossible to separate your neurology from your body systems, your movements from your mood. 

Therefore tapping into the body directly can be an effective way of understanding your internal mechanisms and learning new ways of responding to the world.

When working with feelings and emotions, understanding through experiencing is often more powerful than understanding through logic alone. 

Embodiment and modern life

A lifestyle involving computer screens, phones, TVs, and external stimuli such as neon lights and flashing adverts means that we are increasingly in our heads, and less and less connected to what’s going on in our bodies.

As we lose awareness of our internal landscape we have less agency over how we act, think and feel.

Stress and emotions that accumulate in our system cannot be released if they go unnoticed.

Often just placing your attention on the sensations in your body can release the tensions of the day… yet we let them develop into burnouts, addictions, depressions, and even chronic illness.

Through overexposure to external stimuli, many people have shut off their ability to feel.

Embodiment helps you :

  • Explore what it going on in the physical and emotional sensations of your body
  • Give this a concrete form, through words or images, in order to make it real and tangible
  • Make a link between your body-mind-emotions
  • Envisage new possibilities of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Develop practices that will retrain and cultivate your body to respond in more beneficial ways

Tools we might use :

  • Breath work
  • Bodywork
  • Yoga and other movement practices
  • Voice and song
  • Interactive exercises
  • Visualisations and body scans
  • Communicating in the language of sensations and feelings
  • Hypnosis
  • Art therapy

This approach can also be called somatic coaching

Soma means the body from within. Gradually getting to know your inner mechanisms, and little by little cultivating new ways of being. The body learns more slowly than the mind, taking time to assimilate its experiences; but the lessons go deeper.

I work with embodiment in the following areas

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is all about using your logical brain, your conscious awareness, to learn the language of your emotional brain, in order to integrate this part of you more effectively into your life. It’s about cultivating an understanding of your own internal mechanisms, and developing the ability to acknowledge, interpret, and express your emotions appropriately, using their wisdom to guide you.

Authentic relating

Authentic relating is all about knowing who you are and where you stand amongst others, noticing and embracing their differences, yet remaining true to yourself and your values. It’s about exploring where you feel stuck in your relationships, what ways of relating may be holding you back, and developing new perspectives and behaviours that will encourage interactions that bring out the best in you, that provide support and stability, that lift you up and make you grow.

Conscious sexuality

Conscious sexuality is all about raising awareness of the many possibilities of healing, self understanding, and personal fulfilment that can be found within your own sexuality. Whether it’s learning about your body, developing a fulfilling intimate life with your partner, developing your orgasmic potential, or cultivating self awareness, it’s about bringing your bodily experience to the center of your attention, and learning to work with your own inner mechanisms

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