“Embodiment means we no longer say,
I had this experience;
we say, I am this experience.”

Embodiment coaching

Be guided in therapeutic body based experiences designed to increase your awareness of the physical and emotional sensations in your body, helping you to gain understanding over your inner mechanisms. These sensorial experiences such as breathwork, movement, bodywork, sound, interactive activities, words and images help you explore your inner landscape, make a link between your body-mind-emotions, and cultivate new ways of thinking, feeling and interacting with the world.

Intimacy coaching

Cultivate body awareness as a direct way of developing new skills and increasing understanding of your sexual mechanisms, in order to work through problems and expand your intimate life. Explore conscious communication, boundaries and consent in intimate exchanges, the anatomy of pleasure, the art of giving and receiving, channelling your sexual energy, and finding out what really works for you.




Benefit from diverse techniques in therapeutic touch and energy healing, aimed at restoring balance through working directly on the body. These sessions can help develop the connection between mind-body-emotions, and as well as the specific benefits of each approach, all of the sessions are effective in restoring the nervous system, eliminating stress, and creating a sense of embodied well-being.


Do you find your inner world hard to navigate?

Difficulties creating a bridge between inner and outer?
Places that hint at hidden treasures that you don’t dare explore?
Or shadowy corners begging to be illuminated and transformed?

Do you despair over the destructive force of your emotions?
Or wish you could channel the energy of your creativity?

Do you feel frequently frazzled, overwhelmed and burned-out?
Or spend your life wondering about that “not quite right” feeling that you just can’t put your finger on?

Do you yearn for more pleasure, more connection and more satisfaction in your intimate exchanges?

Are you searching for something, yet unsure of what that something is?  

My name’s Rebecca and I work with the felt sense

Using embodiment principles to explore and transform inner realities

Emotional intelligence

Teach your logical brain, your conscious awareness, to become fluent in the language of your emotional brain, in order to navigate between the two systems and integrate them more effectively into your life. Cultivate an understanding of your own internal mechanisms, and develop the ability to acknowledge, interpret, and express your emotions appropriately, using their wisdom to guide you.

Authentic relating

Cultivate a sense of who you are and where you stand amongst others, noticing and embracing their differences, yet remaining true to yourself and your values. Explore where you feel stuck in your relationships, what ways of relating hold you back, and develop new perspectives and behaviours that will encourage interactions that bring out the best in you, that provide support and stability, that lift you up and make you grow.

Conscious sexuality

Explore and discover the many possibilities of healing, self understanding, and personal fulfilment that can be found within your own sexuality. Whether it’s learning about your body, developing a fulfilling intimate life with your partner, developing your orgasmic potential, or cultivating self awareness, learn how to bring your bodily experience to the center of your attention, and work with your own inner mechanisms.

Are you ready to create your own authentic path rather than following a predetermined script?

Are you ready to explore who you really are, what you really need, and what truly feels right for you in this moment, cultivating empowerment and personal freedom over how you choose to live and love in the world?


Bodyworker, yoga teacher, musician and poet, I truly believe that with the right awareness, guidance and practice, the energy expended in negative or destructive patterns can be cultivated into something that supports our living and thriving.





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